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My next book, the follow up to Mudlarking, is coming soon!

Mudlarking book cover

Mudlarking: Lost and Found on the River Thames
(Bloomsbury, 2019)

A hybrid of personal memoir, London history and literary cabinet of curiosities, Mudlarking takes you on a journey down the tidal Thames and tells the story of the river, the city and the mudlarks that work the shore through more than 2,000 years of lost and discarded objects. Available as an audiobook (read by me), in large print and Kindle.

Mudlarking is published in Australia and New Zealand by Bloomsbury and in Canada and the US by WW Norton as Mudlark: In Search of London’s Past Along the River Thames.

  • A Sunday Times bestseller in hardback and paperback
  • Winner of the Indie Book Award for Non-Fiction, 2020
  • A BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week
  • An Observer Book of the Year, 2019
  • Apple Books Pick, 2019
  • Daily Express Greatest Read, 2019
  • #1 bestselling audiobook


A Field Guide to Larking: Beachcombing, Mudlarking, Fieldwalking and More (Bloomsbury, 2021)

If my first book was a glimpse into a hidden world, then this field guide shows you how to discover it for yourself. The Field Guide to Larking is a practical, interactive and inspiring illustrated guide to finding the little treasures that are often hiding in plain sight. There is of course mudlarking on rivers, but you can also lark on beaches, in fields, gardens and even in your own house. From tide tables for mudlarks and a sea glass rarity chart for beachlarks, to pottery identification guides, tips on spotting worked prehistoric flints in the field, and conserving finds made of wood, bone and leather, this book is an essential companion for magpie minds everywhere.

Available as an audiobook and on Kindle.

  • A Waterstones Best Book of 2021


She’s fascinating, and this book would make a genius present for grown-ups or kids looking to treasure hunt. Sophie Dahl

The Armourers House

The Armourer’s House, Rosemary Sutcliffe, Introduction by Lara Maiklem (Manderley Press, 2022)

If you’re of a certain age you might remember Rosemary Sutcliffe, a novelist best known for bringing history vividly to life for children. Rosemary was a master of detail and a fabulous storyteller, so it was a great honour to be asked to write the introduction to this beautifully illustrated re-issue.

Looking for Treasure (Harper Collins, 2022)

A reading book aimed at children 7+ who need more practice to acquire phonics skills.